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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid raid each other’s closets: “It’s not about gender. It’s about, like, shapes”


Inez and VinoodhZayn Malik and his model girlfriend Gigi Hadid share a lot as a couple…including their wardrobes. The two admit to Vogue magazine that sometimes raid each other’s closets.

“I shop in your closet all the time, don’t I?” Gigi says to Zayn. “Yeah, but same,” Zayn replies.

In particular, he says he borrowed her Anne Sui t-shirt. “I like that shirt,” he says. “And if it’s tight on me, so what? It doesn’t matter if it was made for a girl.”

Gigi agrees: “Totally. It’s not about gender. It’s about, like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it’s fun to experiment.”

The two appear on the magazine’s August cover and in a photo shoot mixing feminine and masculine fashions.

Gigi also participates in Vogue’s 73 Questions. When asked what’s the most romantic thing Zayn has ever done for her, she replies, “A couple of years ago on Valentine’s Day we went on a boat trip, and it was really nice.”

She also reveals the former 1D member is really good at cooking pies — the savory British kind, not the sweet dessert kind.  She says her favorite is Zayn’s take on chicken and sweet corn.

Vogue also asked Gigi to ran her top 10 favorite songs by her friend Taylor Swift. For the record, they are: “Dear John,” “Stay Stay Stay,” “Forever and Always,” “How You Get the Girl,” “Clean,” “This Love,” “Begin Again,” “Long Live,” “Tim McGraw,” and “Better Man.”

That last one is a country hit that Taylor wrote last year for her friends, country superstars Little Big Town.

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