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What Is That?


Here’s how you win FREE MONEY on HOT 1079! Listen weekdays for your chance to tell us “What Is That?” And win your FREE MONEY.  We’ve got a mystery sound.  You identify it and you win.  Seriously, we can’t make it any easier than this to win free money.  You get the chance to play weekdays at 7a, 9a, 2p & 4p.  Check back to this page every day for new clues to help you solve the mystery of “What Is That?”


Previous Guesses:

Round #1

  1. Bowling Pins
  2. Garbage Cans
  3. A Car Crash
  4. Bowling Pins
  5. Toilet
  6. Drums
  7. Ice Machine Dumping the Ice
  8. Soda Vending Machine
  9. Bingo Ball
  10. Garbage Truck
  11. Someone Falling Down Stairs
  12. Hitting the Side of an Ice Machine and Ice Falling
  13. Electrical Typewriter
  14. Pool Table Releasing the Balls
  15. Ice in a Blender
  16. A Mixer
  17. Garage Door Opening
  18. Scooping Up Ice