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Sips of Corona, mentions of “family” tallied in “The Stats of the Furious”


Universal – 2017(NEW YORK) — With The Fate of the Furious firing on all cylinders in theaters — to the tune of well more than a half billion bucks at the box office globally — Bloomberg news has compiled an appropriate, exhaustive set of statistics about the movies, from the first through the seventh

The Stats of the Furious is a deep dive into the data of the franchise, which began about street racing and swiping DVD players in Los Angeles and currently has Vin Diesel and his “family” tackling international arms dealers at the behest of the U.S. government.

Because whom else would the government trust to combat unending teams of mercenaries and quell international threats than a bunch of street racers from Southern California?

“The Stats of the Furious” takes a microscope to the series, to determine things like how many Corona sips do the stars take — three in the first movie, none in 2, 3, or 5, eight sips in the fourth film, seven in episode 6, and 1 in 7.

The graphs also tally Gratuitious Female Rear-End Time, how many curses were uttered in each film — the most in the second film, the least in the third —  and how many time “family” or “team” is mentioned.  There’s explosive growth for that one in movies 6 and 7.

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