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Selfie Kid is still unimpressed, Haley Joel Osmont lost it at an airport, and more!


1. Selfie Kid went viral after his halftime appearance. He gained 8,000 followers after seeming unimpressed by Justin Timberlake and he was equally unimpressed when the media outlets reached out to him. More here.


2. Time has not been kind the Haley Joel Osmont. He missed his flight Sunday and was placed on standby for a flight Monday. That was not good enough for him, so he threw a fit at the airport saying “do you know who I am” and “I’ll destroy you.” Cops had to be called. More here.



3. The first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is here. The movie comes out May 25th.


4. Kris Jenner busted Chrissy Teigen’s table on Super Sunday because she fell on it. Kris also left a large make-up stain on Chrissy’s couch from the fall. More here.


5. JT did not get paid for his halftime performance. His expenses were covered and he got to promote his album. But, Jennifer Lopez got paid $1 million for her pre-game Saturday concert. More here.


6. This Friday the last movie in the Fifty Shades series drops and Jamie Dornan says he’s done. More here.


7. Fraiser actor John Mahoney died in Chicago Sunday at 77. More here.