Prank Bank Podcast

Prank(Bad Waiter)

Jordan has request to prank a lady BY HER FRIEND that HATED THEIR WAITER.

Prank(Former Prison Guard Gets Pranked Per Son’s Request)

Jordan gets a son request a prank to his Dad, a former prison guard.  He tells Jordan he's been in trouble recently himself and that gives Jordan exactly all he needs.

Prank(Dwarf Dancer Is Coming To Your Birthday)

Jordan calls Alicia per request of her friend Kim to wish her a "Happy Birthday" but he was told to prank her so ATTEMPTS TO DO THAT by telling her he is on the...

Prank(Son Tells Mom He’s “Metrosexual”)

Jordan has a kid call his mother and see if she knows what "Metrosexual" means.

Prank(Great Clips)

Jordan calls Great Clips and pretends to have Trichotillomania(eating hair) so the lady at Great Clips at first is GLAD TO GIVE HIM LEFT OVER HAIR until he tells her WHY HE WANTS IT. ...

Prank(Crazy Neighbors)

Jordan calls per a wife requesting her husband is over paranoid about the new neighbors who he hasn't seen during daytime and hasn't met and only sees lights cut on and off.   Jordan pretends...

Prank(Racecar Driver)

A "best friend" wants to have Jordan prank the "best friend" about his dream to be a Racecar driver.  Jordan pretends to be a sponsor but GETS VERY STRANGE wtih his requests he wants...

Prank Request Gets Pranked

Jordan pranks the person making the prank request because it's a younger caller and Jordan knows he can!

Prank FitBIT

A wife requests Jordan prank her husband who is obsessed with his Fitbit type device.

Prank(School Bus Stop)

Jordan pranks by request a husband for the wife.  They just moved into a house.  A house that is the school bus stop.  The husband HATES IT.  Wife thinks he deserves it.  Jordan gives...

Prank(Mother In Law is Not Moving Out)

Jordan pranks husband per wife's request. Mother In Law has been staying with them for "awhile" and he's "been wonderful" BUT ...she couldn't resist...and neither could Jordan.

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