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Neon Trees are “ready to move forward” after “awkward” post-hiatus reunion


Meredith TruaxNeon Trees are now working on a new album after taking a hiatus while singer Tyler Glenn did a solo album and tour.  Tyler’s album was about his life as a gay man and his rejection of the Mormon church, but because the rest of the band are still Mormons, Tyler admits he was afraid they’d never work together again.

“I hoped that Neon Trees would make another album, but I didn’t know if we were even gonna be able to get into a space and look each other in the face,” he tells ABC Radio. “So, [the fact] that the dust has settled, and we’re able to accept each other where we’re at, is a really exciting thing.  ‘Cause I think that was a struggle for us for a while, of just accepting each other where we’re at in our lives.”

But guitarist Chris Allen admits that when the band first got back together to discuss their future, it wasn’t exactly like old times. 

“It was a little bit awkward,” says Chris. “We had some band meetings where we talked about boundaries and direction. We dug up things from years ago and we’re just, like, ‘We have to hit a reset here.'”

“We’re still working on stuff,” he adds. “I think it was really good that we’ve reassessed the situation, we’ve set goals and I think we’re ready to move forward.”

Neon Trees has a new single and video out called “Feel Good,” and the band is busy putting together the follow-up to 2014’s Pop Psychology.

“There’s a pretty good number of songs that we have right now,” says Chris. 

Tyler adds, “I think we’ll know by the end of the year what the record is. But right now we have a lot of music that we’re kinda letting rise.”

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