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“Mansplaining is very real”: Meghan Trainor talks new “anthem,” “No Excuses”


Epic RecordsAfter days of teases, Meghan Trainor has finally unveiled her new single, “No Excuses,” along with a video.

The upbeat, soulful track is the first release from Meghan’s upcoming third album, and the lyrics take a man to task for not treating her properly. 

“Why you acting like you never met a lady?/I don’t disrespect you, don’t you disrespect me,” she sings. “You must’ve confused me with someone else/There ain’t no excuses, babe/Your mama raised you better than that.”

In an interview with People, Meghan says, “This was one of the last songs I wrote for this entire album, and it was just a personal experience I had. It just reminded me we need more respect in the world, and we need more respect for each other at every age.”

When People points out that the lyrics seem inspired by the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, she says, “Exactly.”  Not that she’s been sexually harassed, Meghan says, but she’s been treated differently because she’s a woman.

“Mansplaining is very real. It’s like, you don’t realize you’ve had those experiences until you look back,” she explains, adding, “You feel like you’re fighting for your word, fighting to show them you do know what you’re talking about…I finally reached a point where I needed to write a song about it.”

In a statement, Meghan says, “I love how so many women are standing up for what’s right. I wanted to write us all a powerful anthem.  Sometimes, people talk down to me, because I’ve only been doing this for four years, so I wrote this song…it’s all about equality and being kind.”

No word yet on when Meghan’s new album, her third, will arrive.

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