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Kesha pens letter to 18-year-old self: “You’re going to remind yourself to love yourself”


Olivia BeeAhead of the release of her most personal album yet, Kesha sat down to pen a note to her 18-year-old self.

In the message, written as part of CBS This Morning’s “Note to Self” series, the singer warns her teenage self that in her quest for success, she’ll go through some horrible experiences.

She begins the note detailing how she dropped out of high school in order to move to L.A. and purse a career in music.

“I’ve got good news — and I’ve got bad news — and I know you’re a tad impatient, so I’ll start with the good news: You made it! And thank God because the best plan B we ever came up with was waitressing, and as you will soon find out, that was not really our forte,” she writes.

Kesha continues, “The bad news is you nearly killed yourself on the road to success, fueled by fear of failure, crippling anxiety, and insecurity.”

She goes on to mention her eating disorder, which she entered treatment for in 2014, and advises her younger self to avoid reading hateful comments on the Internet.

She concludes the message with hope, writing, “You’re going to remind yourself to love yourself and if you have truth in your heart, there will always be a rainbow at the end of the storm.”

Kesha’s album, Rainbow, comes out tomorrow.

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