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JT tries to shut down rumors, and Lindsay Lohan is trying to make a comeback, and more!


1. It’s been a rough few years for Lindsay Lohan, and she is trying to turn things around… but failing. Lindsay pitched herself for Lisa Kudrow’s satire The Comeback because she thought it was a reality show. More here.


2. Justin Timberlake is trying to shut down rumors that there will be any special guests with him at the halftime show, but Joey Fatone is in Minnesota right now. Explain that away, Justin! More here.


3. Charlie Puth still claims his fling with Selena Gomez was in the friend zone, he says it “really messed him up” and he “didn’t know what he was getting into.” Sounds like more than friends. More here.


4. Yesterday Ellen celebrated her 60th birthday and Jimmy Kimmel surprised her in a figure skater outfit with a banana stuffed down the front.


5. Apparently Justin Bieber‘s family “loves” Selena Gomez, but her family still does not trust him. More here.

6. Starbucks is launching its own Visa credit card. You can use it anywhere and earn points for free Starbucks. More here.


7. Reba may actually be coming back. The entire OG cast has already discussed new episodes. Also, Roswell has gotten the green light for a reboot series. More here.


8. New movies out this weekend: Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built


9. The vacation rental site Home To Go has named PCB as it’s most popular spring break destination. More here.