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It’s all her fault: Bebe Rexha releases part 1 of debut album


ABC/Matt BrownAfter years of writing songs for other artists or being featured on other people’s singles, Bebe Rexha finally has her own hit single, “I Got You.”  Today, she releases the first installment of her debut album, All Your Fault Pt. 1, and she says it’s just as eclectic as the hits she’s been involved with over the years.

Bebe wrote tracks for Rihanna, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, and sang on G-Eazy‘s “Me, Myself & I,”  David Guetta‘s “Hey Mama” and Martin Garrix‘s “In the Name of Love.”  She tells ABC Radio that her album features “a little bit of electronic sounds, and hip-hop beats and pop songs.”

“It’s really interesting and it’s urban and pop in the best ways,” she explains.

So why can she move so easily between genres? Bebe says, “I grew up listening to Albanian music ‘cause I’m Albanian….and then I grew up in New York which is, like, hip-hop and R&B. And then I got into electronic music…then I got into classical music….then I had a Stevie Wonder phase.  It was all over the place!”

Bebe got her start in 2010 — singing with Pete Wentz‘s side project, Black Cards — but she doesn’t mind that it’s taken her seven years to release her own album.

“The music business is definitely in a different place [than when I started],” she says. “And…now, especially with the Sias and the Pharrells, I think we’re starting to really appreciate real songwriting and women who write their own songs…I think this is now the right time.” 

“I’m in a better place in my life,” she adds. “And I’m ready to really take it on.” 

The second part of All Your Fault arrives in April, with a physical album to follow in the summer.  Bebe’s first headlining tour kicks off March 1.

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