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Heinz adopts ad campaign from “Mad Men”


© 2017 The Kraft Heinz Company(NEW YORK) — Kraft Heinz has adopted a campaign for their signature ketchup, created by fictional adman Don Draper from the AMC series Mad Men.

According to a press release, the company will run a campaign for Heinz Ketchup that are nearly identical recreations of ads Mr. Draper, played by Jon Hamm, pitched during a 2013 episode of the AMC series. The ads on the show were rejected.

The new, real-life campaign will feature pictures of hamburgers, steak and french fries against a white background, absent the essential condiment, beneath the phrase, “Pass the Heinz.”

The campaign, by creative agency David, will including three New York billboards and ads in two print publications. The campaign also will  run on social media.

As Draper said during his pitch on the show, “It’s Heinz. It only means one thing.”

Running with the gag, in its press release about the collaboration with the fictional ad agency, Heinz even added a traditional footnote about the advertising agencies involved, noting Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, is, “A full service advertising agency located in New York, NY working with clients in a variety of industries including automotive, health care, consumer products, food and other packaged goods.”

Adding an even deeper cut from the show, the release specifies, “The firm does not accept any tobacco related work. “

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