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Everyone minds their “Evil Manners” in this week’s episode of “Empire”


FOX/Chuck Hodes(NEW YORK) — “Evil Manners,” this week’s episode of Empire, begins with Lucious, after a 45-minute run on the treadmill, asking his sons and Cookie to stop “tip-toeing” around him and to tell him of the awful things he did to them before losing memory. He then asks Cookie why she left her family for 17 years and she avoids the question.  

Here are some other highlights from the episode:

– While doing a photo shoot for Forbes magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Women in Business” list, Cookie has a flashback to her stint in prison. 

– After another prison flashback from Cookie, she and Andre are turned down for a line of credit for Empire. 

– Shine shows up at Empire while Jamal and Lucious are having an intimate talk and Lucious remembers Shine as longtime friend “Moonshine” immediately. Lucious wonders why he and Shine never made a song together. After Shine plays a beat for him, Lucious has several violent flashbacks. 

– Jamal tells Lucious that he threw him in a trashcan when he was six years old for wearing heels, which upsets Lucious. Lucious apologizes for being intolerant in the past.  

– During another photo shoot, Cookie attempts to put her past with Diana DuBois behind her and reveals that she got turned down for a line of credit. She gets $10 million from a group of the other women involved in the photo shoot as a result. Diana says it’s time for a truce between her and Cookie.

– Cookie reveals to Lucious that she was gone from her family for 17 years because she was in prison, because of him.

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