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Demi Lovato says new album will have more “soul”


Island Records/Hollywood Records/Safehouse Records LLCLovatics are buzzing about Demi Lovato’s unapologetic new single “Sorry Not Sorry,” which features some soulful vocals from the star.  She says there’s more where that came from.

In a Twitter Q&A with fans, Demi Lovato posted a video describing her upcoming album, due later this year. “What you can expect is more soul on the vocals,” she explained. “I’m going more R&B pop with this and I hope that you guys like it.”

Demi also spoke about how thrilled she is with the reaction she’s gotten so far to “Sorry Not Sorry,” saying, “I’m so passionate about the song, it’s my favorite song off of my album so far. And I thank you guys for being so supportive and committed to helping me out during this new era.”

The video for “Sorry Not Sorry” isn’t out yet, but from a clip posted on her Instagram feed, it looks like it was filmed during an out-of-control house party, complete with a hot tub, pool and friends like Paris Hilton partying alongside her.

“I don’t have any secrets about the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ music video,” Demi said in response to a fan’s question about it on Twitter. “But there’s a ton of fun cameos…and one time, Paris Hilton’s hair got stuck in my portable fan.”

Demi also took time out from promoting “Sorry Not Sorry” to reach out online to her old pal Selena Gomez, and compliment her on her new single.

@selenagomez Loving your new song Fetish, we’ve come a long way since our Barney days,” she wrote.  As children, both Demi and Selena appeared on the kids’ show Barney & Friends: from season 7 to season 8, Selena played Gianna, while Demi played Angela, opposite the purple dinosaur.

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