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Demi Lovato pinpoints moment in “Camp Rock” where she fell in love with Joe Jonas


Jim Spellman/WireImageIn anticipation of her new YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, Demi Lovato is sitting down with friends to revisit her past, and allowing us to join in.

In a new video, titled “Demi Lovato Reacts to Demi Lovato’s Childhood Videos,” the singer is confronted with clips from her beauty pageant days in Texas and her 2008 Disney movie with the Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock.

While watching the Camp Rock clips, Demi reminisces about her brief romance with Joe Jonas.

“Did you have a crush on him the whole time?” her friend asks. “Oh, yeah!” Demi answers.

She even pinpoints the exact scene where she “freakin’ fell in love with him,” for real. They shared their first kiss together in the movie, but Demi admits their romance only last “like a month.”

Now it’s rumored that Demi has feelings for Nick Jonas. In fact, fans have speculated that two songs on her new album are about Nick: “Ruin the Friendship” and “Only Forever.”

Demi’s documentary, Simply Complicated, comes out October 17.

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