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Update on Demi, Dua Lipa’s rant and more!


1. Dua Lipa is not happy with United Airlines after they after they could not guarantee a nut-free environment for her sister. More here.


2. Demi Lovato is awake and “very grateful to be alive” after her overdose. The night of she was partying for her choreographer’s birthday. Her ex Wilmer Valerrama went to visit her in the hospital. And sources say she’ll be checking into rehab soon. More here.


3. Taylor Swift has trademarked her cats’ names for musical recordings. More here.


4. T-Pain was supposed to sing at eat Major League Soccer All-Star Game, but he backed out. More here.


5. Ryan Reynolds is working on a stoner version of “Home Alone“. More here.


6. Kendrick Lamar is making his acting debut on “Power“. More here.

7. Kelsey Grammar wants a “Frasier” reboot. More here.