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Katy Perry used to have a weird obsession, more Spice Girls drama, and more!


1. Becca got the chance to confront Arie on last night’s The Bachelor After the Final Rose special. But she ended up accepting his apology and Arie formally proposed to Lauren. More here.


2. Now Mel C is saying that the Spice Girls have not gotten an invite to the royal wedding. But Mel B says they did; so, it definitely seems like a publicity stunt. More here.


3. One of Katy Perry’s childhood friends revealed her obsession with her boobs. More here.


4. Kendall Jenner was hospitalized before an Oscars after-party because she had an allergic reaction to a vitamin drip. More here.


5. Usher and his wife of two years Grace Miguel are separating. More here.


6. According to E! News, Gwen Stefani is in final talks for a Vegas residency with Planet Hollywood. More here.


7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video thanking both the LA Fire Department and UCLA medial team for helping his 2-year-old daughter.


8. Nickelodeon is rebooting Blues Clues, and they are holding open casting calls next month for the new host. More here.


9. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and to celebrate Sofia Vergara is teaming up with 10 business women to launch Empowered By Business Campaign. More here.