Home Gossip Deadpool 2 trailer! The new Scooby Doo dance craze, and more!

Deadpool 2 trailer! The new Scooby Doo dance craze, and more!


1. Move over Whip Nae Nae, the new dance trend is the Scooby Doo Pa Pa, and its quite entertaining. More here.


2. I knew after yesterday’s Deadpool 2 poster that there would be a trailer soon to follow. The new trailer proves it will be just as witty and action packed as the first. Deadpool even makes a snarky comment about DC Comic’s costly digital removal of Henry Cavill’s facial hair in Justice League May 18th can’t get here soon enough!


3. The Spice Girls are going on a world tour! It will include OG songs and merch, and it will start in the UK then hit the US. The goal is to start this summer. More here.


4. Drake just keeps on giving. he has now given over $125,000 to strangers for his “God’s Plan” music video. More here.


5. Will Smith trolled his son Jaden Smith by creating a parody of his son’s music video.


6. Diane Neal who played Assistant District Attorney Casey Novack on Law and Order: SVU has announced she is running as an indeptendent for a New York Congressional seat. The internet is freaking out that Casey Novack is running for Congress. More here.


7. The new Jersey Shore: Family Reunion trailer is here. The fun begins on Thursday, April 5 at 8 p.m. on MTV.


8. Ben and Jerry’s has released a “healthier” ice cream that has fewer calories and 60% – 70% less sugar than regular ice cream. The flavors are: Chocolate Milk and Cookies, P.B. Dough, and Caramel Cookie Fix. But lets face it, its’ still ice cream. More here.


9. It’s Girl Scout cookie season and there is now a cookie tracker app! More here.