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JT got extra for his birthday, Left Shark is back, and more!


1. Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake! Yesterday was his birthday and he was clearly feeling extra. He teased his album Man of the Woods that drops tomorrow.

2. Remember Left Shark? From Katy Perry‘s halftime show. The guy behind the costume has finally revealed he was supposed to be “free styling” because he was “playing a different character.” Way to tell us three years later! More here.

3. Apparently Hailee Steinfeld is a great matchmaker! She got Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner together and now they’re engaged. She says Sophie is a close friend and inquired about Joe after she worked with DNCE. And the rest is history. More here.

4. Liam Payne deleted a post after dropping the ultimate humble brag about flying on a private jet, “while y’all go on planes.” Clearly he regretted it as soon as the backlash started. More here.


5. Remember Ken Bone, the hero of the 2016 debates? Well he’s back with a State of the Union drinking game. More here.


6. Back in 2016 Tom Hardy lost a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio for winning the Oscar in The Revenant.  As punishment Hardy was supposed to get a tattoo saying “Leo knows all,” and he just fulfilled that promise. More here.


7. Ex-NBA player Rausual Butler and his wife American Idol contestant Lean LaBelle died in a car accident yesterday. Butler lost control of the wheel and the car flipped. More here.


8. As Meghan Markle leaves Suits to become a royal, big fan Katherine Heigl will be joining the cast in season 8. More here.

9. Toyota recalls 645,000 vehicles to fix an electrical issue that could prevent the airbags from working. The recall covers certain Toyota Prius and Lexus RX and NX SUVs that were made from May 2015 to March 2016. More here.