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Update on Alex from The Chainsmokers, Demi’s new initiative and more!


1. Update on Alex from The Chainsmokers.  Last week his now ex-girlfriend put him on blast after catching him cheating on their security cams.  He owns up that he’s miserable post break-up and she deserves better. More here.


2. It’s been a rocky road for Demi Lovato, and she has since become a big advocate for mental health.  So she is offering group therapy and wellness workshops by CAST Centers before each concert.  All you need is a ticket.

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3. It was leaked that Apple has three new phones coming after they ditch the iPhone X.  One is basically and update iPhone 8, one and updated iPhone X (it will probably called the iPhone X Plus), and one that is a “cheaper” version without 3D touch. More here.


4. There is going to be a Harry Potter themed cruise.  It will be six days and go along the River Thames stopping at various film locations.  But, you’ll need $4,190 to go. More here.



5. Shakira is under investigation for allegedly not paying her taxes in Spain.  She may owe tens of millions. More here.


6. Grumpy Cat has been awarded $710,000 in a copyright infringement suit against a beverage company.  The lawyer said, “Memes have rights too.” More here.



7. Gulf County is cancelling school this Friday because of the flu epidemic. They are also offering vaccinations at both elementary schools today from 4-6. More here.


8. Meryl Streep will be joining the cast of Big Little Lies for season two.  It’ll be here in 2019. More here.