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Taylor Swift’s new video, Deadpool 2 update and more!

      1. Taylor Swift’s video for “End Game” is here… it’s got Ed Sheeran and a yacht!  I know why her tour tickets are so expensive now.

    1. 2. Britney Spears just signed another Vegas residency deal to begin in 2019!  Her previous deal ended on NYE. Details here.

    2. Deadpool 2  has a new release date! It will be here May 18 instead of June 1.



4. The Black Widow standalone movie is finally hapening!  They signed a writer and are working with ScarJo! All the details.

5. Saturday Night Live returns tomorrow with guests Halsey and Sam Rockwell

6. Lindsay Lohan has a lot of plans, she wants to design a Dubai island, open a Greece nightclub, and start a lipstick line.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

7. Second grade students from Ponce De Leon Elementary got to hang out with Lasso, a K-9 officer at the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office. More here.


8. Surprise, surprise! Teen Mom 2‘s Kieffer Delp has been arrested for running a meth lab.  Jenelle’s mom was right about him. Check out his arrest story.

      1. 9. The weirdest and potentially greatest collaboration is happening! Shaggy and Sting are working on a reggae album.

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