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Are Demi and Wilmer might really be getting back together, sad news in the Marvel Universe and more!


1. Tis the season for rekindling romance, Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are the latest couple to spark rumors. They were spotted out to lunch over the weekend, and although Demi says they are just friends, a source close to them says, “they are not ruling anything out”. More here.


2. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee revealed that he has been battling pneumonia at the age of 95. More here.


3. Things are not looking good for Wonder Woman 2. The studio has scraped the November 2019 release date because they still have not cast a villain. The director really wants Kristen Wiig, and supposedly Kristen met with the execs to discuss. More here.


4. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have confirmed that they are back together. It was obvious, but at least they are admitting it. More here.


5. Chris Hemsworth caved and let his three kids watch Thor:Ragnarok.


6. The Paramount Network has postponed the Heathers reboot series due tot he Florida school massacre. More here.


7. Since Blake Griffin has been traded from he Los Angeles Clippers to the Detroit Pistons, it has put a strain on their relationship. Things may be on the outs for the two. More here.


8. American Idol is almost back, and they have already confirmed Luis Fonsi and Bebe Rexha to perform with this season’s finalists. More here.


9. Even though its over a month until the April 5th premiere of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, MTV has already picked it up for another season. More here.