About The Morning Zoo

WE ARE CRAZY! We aren’t your typical boring morning show! We DON’T do a lot of celebrity news because everyone has access to TMZ. We DON’T really care about your relationship issues because we are not counselors and “That Guy” Kramer and Miguel really beat that mule in to submission. We DON’T put on lame psychics because, well, they’re lame!

We DO like to wake you up with a smile from some random creation out of Jordan’s brain. Some perfect examples of this are Grover Babbit, a true Panama City Philanthropist, business owner and inventor. Or calls from Melissa’s Butt who always has some kind of problem with Melissa and really knows her inner secrets and isn’t afraid to tell them to the listener. Sometimes we like to just make prank phone calls like our ongoing series of calls to the local TV station we call NEWSBUSTERS or our calls to the community clean up agency LITTERBUSTERS.

Bottom line – we are unpredictable and fun! We talk about our lives and celebrities when there is a great chance of making fun of ourselves or them. There is so much ‘blah’ in the world of Panama City morning radio so our goal is to be the FUNNY ALTERNATIVE!

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